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any pronouns
i like bts

any pronouns
united states
twenty one
capricorn + entj
eng/vn/한국어 OK!

i only stan bts lol

more things about me


  • anime & webtoons

  • iced lattes

  • nonfiction literature

  • haute couture

  • biophilic design & sustainable architecture


  • capitalism

  • solo stans

  • delusional shippers

  • racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.

before you follow

  • i ship bts members and i talk about my ships a lot but i don't take shipping seriously. i can separate fiction from reality

  • i tweet nsfw content, don't follow me if you're a minor/uncomfortable with that

  • i only stan bts so if you tweet or interact with shady comments abt them, i'll unfollow

  • im a marxist-leninist so please don't follow me if you're gonna be that person that is like "you hate capitalism but you have an iphone"

  • most importantly, don't be racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. i will block you

choose a yoongi

all fanart used on this carrd are credited below

  • @jelory_ant (yoongi pixels)

  • @chimmmmmmmmmmmmy (bts as animals)

  • @dyodyo_kong (cats)

army est 130612
ult min yoongi
bias line taegikook
fav ships yoonmin, taekook, vmin, yoonkook, taegi, jikook


you're under 16 or you hate bts. i will block if you interact with bts antis

art credit: @dyodyo_kong


star wars, tower of god, legos, the legend of zelda, attack on titan, pokemon, animal crossing, vmin, yoongi